Winter Flower ~ Waiting for Spring

This is my journey. A journey of writing and life, sure, but also healing and survival. It’s always winter here. And I am doing my best to bloom as I wait and hope for spring.

My latest blog posts can be found below.

Latest from the Blog

On Nostalgia

It’s been awhile, and I’ve realized that I miss this blog. Sometimes it feels like a journal that blurs into the world of strangers, letting them see deeper than the people closest to me. I like that. I hate nostalgia. I hate the sweet taste of memory that lingers on the summer air, the echoingContinue reading “On Nostalgia”

On Knives and Necklaces

A bit of an unusual title, I know, but I’ll explain it soon enough. My brother recently moved out, marking a significant change in both of our lives. Well, his, at least. Since we usually ignored each other in the first place, there isn’t much of a difference for me. One thing that did change,Continue reading “On Knives and Necklaces”


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